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Contact Thomas Shugar at 610-375-2664 for current offerings of refurbished Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Amps and a variety of musical equipment. Inventory is constantly being updated!

Guitar and Bass Set ups:

I have a full workshop available for maintenance, set-up and guitar repairs. Quotes are given after the instrument is fully inspected. Call 610.375.2664 for an appointment.


• Every Fret is Hand-polished to Absolute Perfection. A glassy, mirror-like  finish is the result.  Bending Strings has NEVER felt better on your Electric guitar, and your Acoustic guitar, or Classical guitar, will have better  tonal definition, and sustain.  WHY would you put BRAND NEW strings on a DIRTY and rusty fret? I also take the time to properly clean, and condition, the fret board.  
• All Electric Guitars, and Electric Bass Guitars, have their Intonation METICULOUSLY Set up with my Conn Strobotuner– Accurate within 1/1000 of a Semitone.  The String is Perfectly ‘Balanced’ -Great for the Stage, Even better for the Recording Studio!
• I offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE of ALL Electrical work that is done to your Guitar, or Bass Guitar.  ( Not even the Manufacturers will offer that! ) This includes, Volume and Tone Potentiometers, Output Jacks, Capacitors, Wires, etc.—as well as any, and ALL, Full or Partial Wiring Jobs that I have Done.
• Only High Quality Fret board Conditioners, and Polishes are used!  WHY would anybody use $6.00 Polish on a $2,000.00 guitar? Cheap Guitar Polish causes hazing, and streaking, and sometimes can actually DAMAGE the finish! Whether your guitar costs $20.00, $200.00 or 2,00.00– There is NO cheap, watery, polish used here-EVER!
I go over your ENTIRE guitar, and make sure that EVERY screw, EVERY tuning Machine head, EVERY Neck Mounting Screw—EVERYTHING is tight. I see a LOT of guitars that do NOT stay in tune because there are so may loose parts– UNACCEPTABLE!
• You WILL Receive an I ITEMIZED  Checklist of ALL work that was done to your guitar!  Your Auto Mechanic provides you with and itemized receipt, of all work, parts, and labor costs. WHY should your ‘guitar mechanic’ be any different? A simple receipt is vague, uninformative, unprofessional, and simply UNACCEPTABLE!
• After 4 Set-ups, and/or String Changes– The 5th one is FREE! (This Includes Bass Guitars!) Unlike most Music Stores-  Loyal Clients WILL  be Rewarded!

• FREE  Local Pickup, and Delivery of your Instrument– It’s as easy as calling for a Pizza!

• I like to RESTORE parts, instead of REPLACING parts. I believe in keeping the guitar ALL ORIGINAL, especially for vintage guitars. This service costs extra, but it's worth it. 

• Basic set-ups are $50.00 Additional work, such as dressing the frets, wiring, parts, etc. is extra.


Thomas Shugar Christmas in KutztownRestorations

Here are some before and after pictures of the restorations I have done on the following instruments. Please click on the links to view PDF files.

Greg Bennett Electric Guitar

Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar

The Prep F-Hole Acoustic Guitar

EPIC Transformation of Harmony Fretted Bass into Fretless Bass