Instruments Taught:

• 6 String Acoustic Guitar

• 6 String Electric Guitar

• 6 String Classical Guitar (Nylon String)

• 12 String Acoustic

• 12 String Electric

• 4 String Electric Bass Guitar


No Nonsense, No Book Method

The Classic Book One, Book Two, Book 3 Method Books– Do NOT work! You NEVER get the ‘Big Picture’ of Music….
The Thomas Shugar ‘No-Nonsense Guitar Method’ is my own curriculum that becomes a nine chapter book.
My curriculum offers the ‘Big Picture’ of understanding music,  giving you a solid foundation if you are just starting out, or deepening your knowledge even if you are if  you are an  intermediate, or advanced player.
My curriculum covers Music Theory, Scales, Chords, Common Chord Progressions, Altered and Extended Chords, Finger Exercises for both hands, Reading Standard Notation, Rhythm, Fret board Knowledge, Understanding Modes, Building Guitar Solos, Finger Picking, String Bending, Ear Training, and how it all comes together- Plus so much more.
My goal was to take complicated ideas, and make them easy, so you can enjoy music without having to do a lot of ‘nonsense’. 

The point is to work smarter, not harder, so you can enjoy music. You will learn more in less time!

All Styles Taught:

Rock Guitar/ Metal, Alternative/ Punk Rock

Classic Rock, (Such as Beatles, Led Zeppelin) to Metallica,

'Old School' Punk Rock to Greenday- and everything in between.....Whatever you like!

Blues Guitar

Electric Blues Guitar
Acoustic Blues Guitar
Acoustic Blues Guitar with Harmonica Combo

Classical Guitar (Nylon String Guitar)

J.S. Bach / Antonio Vivaldi/ Beethoven
Spanish and Brazilian Guitar Music
Renaissance Lute Music- translated for guitar


For Classical Guitar - Works of great composers that I teach:

• J.S. Bach
• Antonio Vivaldi
• Ludwig Beethoven
• Heitor Villa-Lobos
• Fernando Sor
• Matteo Carcassi
• Mauro Giuliani