Student & Parent Testimonials


Student Matthew Rodriguez Receives Music Certificate from Mayor Wally Scott

My name is Matthew Rodriguez. I'm one of Mr. Tom Shugar's students. I find Mr. Shugar refreshing, he has a different method of teaching, usually we are taught in a conventional manner, there for, taking a very long time to learn. Well, Mr. Shugar takes a shortcut where you get the same benefits because you learn as if you were studying conventionally. It just doesn't take that long. He simplifies the lessons in such a way that you get what you need, but you don't work as hard because of the system that he uses. I guess you'd have to be a guitar player to understand what I mean. All I can say is that I thank God that Mr. Shugar accepted me as one of his students. If anyone out there is considering learning to play the guitar, I highly recommend Mr. Tom Shugar. He makes learning to play the guitar fun.

Matthew Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez was awarded the Atonement Bach Scholarship from the Reading Musical Foundation for his outstanding performance on the classical guitar. Matthew was the very first guitar student in the history of the Reading Musical Foundation to have been awarded a scholarship for the classical guitar.




Tom has been an amazing guitar teacher to my teenage boys for the last 2 1/2 years. He is exceptionally talented and flexible, too. He makes learning how to play guitar fun and easy for my kids because he molds the curriculum to match their musical interests.

Tammy L.



Thomas Shugar Christmas in KutztownI was trying to learn the guitar on and off for a few years and always had questions that I couldn't get quick straight answers to. I decided to seek out a professional teacher, as I have in the passed to help overcome the barriers I've encountered. As with pass instructors I was expecting to be disappointed once again, with boring techniques and one way communications. Tom has made learning the guitar enjoyable for me by actually listening to my needs as a student and teaching at a pace which is comfortable for me in a relaxing setting. I have found Tom has gone above and beyond with his level of patience, he has always been willing to spend extra time on a subject or skill that I've had trouble grasping. Tom has even help me come out of my "musical shell", from creating melodies and harmonies to actually singing. Whether I'm in the mood for acoustic or electric guitar, the blues, country, rock or classical. Tom has been accommodating without hesitation. He has a way of applying a lesson to any of the styles I feel like learning in that session. The only thing that would improved my experience with Tom, is if I could find more time to practice between lessons.

Richard W.



Throughout my time in high school, I went to him for guitar lessons and I learned rather quickly. The lessons aren't boring and he allows the lessons to revolve around whatever your musical tastes happen to be. If you are truly into music, you will make great progress with his guidance. Now that I'm out of high school, I still retain much of the knowledge he taught me and I use it to continue to advance my skills. On a side note, has also helped broaden my interests to other styles of music and other instruments. Worth every penny.

Demetrius M.



I studied classical guitar with Thomas several times, as well as hiring him to record my first demo album. He has a rare and valuable ability to focus and sustain attention to detail. All his work with me or for me was excellent. I also admire him for his versatility, as I am strictly a classical player, but he is plays many styles well and composes, records, and is a fine teacher.

Michael W.



Tom gives my son guitar lessons. EXCELLENT!

John B.



Tom is an amazing guitar teacher who can help any skill level of player. "Your book" is what he teaches you not from some expensive book you don't have the money for. Tom's guitar studio is just as incredible and he will help his students record their work!

Eric S.



Mr. Shugar is an outstanding guitar and music teacher, as well as a very talented and professional performer. He has taken our daughter from being unable to read music, to being able to read, analyze, and perform very complex classical standards and contemporary pieces alike. His lessons are prompt, although he always finds extra time to make sure his students understand the concepts being taught. His knowledge, passion and love of music is quite infectious to those exposed to teaching and performances.

Thomas E.



Thomas Shugar is the best guitar instructor I have ever come across.
Each student gets a personalized curriculum and Thomas gets his students playing fluently and quickly.
In comparison to many other instructors I have tried, Thomas cares about his students being able to play and hold interest.
For the money, it's the best investment to have him as your instructor. The price is comparable to others, but the instruction in comparison is priceless.
I highly recommend him.
He will be teaching my son and he taught me.
He is a valuable addition to your interest in guitar.

Amanda R.